Curb Appeal with Asphalt Paving Company in Austin

Keeping your home looking beautiful inside and out matters. You want your home to be attractive for all who drive by it. You want it to be inviting when friends and family come to see you. One way to improve curb appeal is with a tar and chip driveway. You will love the way it appears every time you see it! This can help you stay goodbye to embarrassing cracks and bumps that make it look ugly.

You can choose the color and texture of tar and chip driveway materials. By working closely with your asphalt paving company in Austin to find a look that accents your home and blends well. Make sure the asphalt paving company that you hire has plenty of experience with this type of material and process. You need to count on them to get the job done right!

Selling your Home in Austin

Getting potential buyers to take an interest in your home is going to get it off the market in less time. It is also going to help you get a better price for it. Tar and chip driveways are going to be appealing to those looking for a home in Austin. It shows that you care about the place and you have been taking care of it. They want a home they can be proud of as well as one that won’t require a great deal of ongoing maintenance.

Why not enjoy the benefits of the tar and chip driveway yourself? You may not be planning to sell the home for a few more years. When done correctly, this process can last between 5 and 7 years. You can get plenty of use and value out of it and it will still increase the selling price of your home when you are ready.


A driveway with cracks and bumps in it can be dangerous. It can increase the risk of someone tripping and falling out there. It can make it hard for kids to enjoy activities including riding bikes in the driveway  or shooting hoops with a basketball. You want the driveway to be smooth and allow everyone to fully benefit from it for their activities.

Your vehicles may leak fluids including oil and other liquids in the driveway. The sealcoating put on top of the tar and chip driveway will prevent those elements from compromising the longevity of your driveway. It will create a powerful barrier that also protects against the heat, UV rays, the cold, and moisture. Discuss all the benefits of a sealcoat driveway with your a asphalt paving company in Austin.

Caring for Sealcoating

Always get a sealcoat for the tar and chip driveway to extend the life of it. Your asphalt paving company in Austin can discuss when that should be done again. This process will help the snow and ice to melt in less time.  You can still clear it away with a shovel, just be careful not to scrape into that sealcoat or it can cause it to not last as long as it should. Luckily there isn’t much you need to do through to care for this type of tar and chip driveway in Austin!